words from raff : self love

Love yourself. Never let society determine what  ”beautiful” or “perfect” is to you. Love all of your flaws and embrace them 100 percent. Smile when you look into the mirror and repeat how much you admire yourself everyday. Eat better and think positive thoughts. Feed your soul with knowledge that will uplift you. This is nourishing your mind, body and soul. This is true self love. This is coming from a person who never loved himself in the pass. I never would look into the mirror because i felt i wasn’t “good looking” enough for society. Dealing with acne gave me suicidal thoughts and kept me distant from the world. I was living in the physical, but my soul was completely dead. Then i was resurrected. When i took the effort to nourish my mind, body and soul, Love started to run through my veins and my confidence started to grow. Its a must to nourish your mind, body and soul everyday because its easy for you to spiritually die again. I for one had many of deaths and rebirths in this life time and i’m sure to have more in the the future as well, but through it all i will love me…. 


Words From Raff: this moment

I would be lying if i said i didn’t want to be accepted. i would be lying if i said didn’t want my music to be heard around the world. I would be lying if i said i don’t want to have a few more dollars in my pocket. I always fall victim to the american dream. My ego tells me that money, fame and acceptance will bring me true happiness but sometimes i wonder. If i were to get a million dollars today, would i truly be happy? I might have a rush of excitement for a day or two or maybe weeks, but once the excitement goes away its back to being needy again. Once again looking for happiness as if happiness was a physical thing instead of a state of being. An endless cycle of living in the future. the most detrimental illusion. Iv’e come to the realization of how precious “now” really is. “This moment” is all we got. We live in a illusion of mental pictures that bombard our minds so much that we forget we are exiting in happiness, true joy, and permanent peace. Were just unaware of it. But once you become conscious of  the “now”, you’ll understand that you don’t have to search for happiness because it was always in you in the first place. mix this in with having faith in the creator that all your wants and need will be manifested, then the stars will align. A life of non resistance. its easier said then done though. i often struggle with living in “the moment”